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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!

What Currency Are The Products Sold In?

All our product prices are in Canadian dollards.

The final price at checkout is also in Canadian dollars

Where Do Our Ingredients Come From?

We believe in using high quality ingredients that are safe and nourishing for your skin.

Also making sure that the eart and the people extracting those ingredients are fairly treated.

Our Shea butter, Cocoa butter, sustainable palm oil and coconut oil all come from Ghana.

We buy these ingredients from a  Canadian/Ghanaian owned family business vendor that is fair traded, pay fair wages, cruelty free and organic.


Where Are the Products Made?

All our products are made in  our facility in Montreal, Canada

Return and Exchange Policy

Making you happy at Ujamaa By Anta is our number one goal.

because hygiene and safety is our priority. Depending on the condition of the products a full refund or exchange can be issued.

Please contact us at  for futher instructions.

Where Can I Track My Order?

Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with your tracking order and order summary.

You can also track your order in your account settings under order.

Can I Use The Soap on My face?

Our products are safe to use on your entire body.

Of course everybody’s skin is different and  react diffently in contact of certain ingredients.

The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body.

Safety first we suggest that you always try the soap on a small area before applying it on your entire face

What Does Ujamaa Mean?

To build and maintain our own store, shop and other businesses and to profit from it together.


Do We Use Fragrances in our products?

at the moment all our products contain essential oils or fragrance oils.

We follow the IFRA (international fragrance association) dermal limits in all our products.

stay tuned though we will soon be releasing fragrance free products!

Ps: pregnant women and children under 6 should avoid using products with fragrances.

What Method Of Soaping Do We Use?

At Ujamaa By Anta we like to keep it old school!

All our products are handmade, for our soaps we use the cold process soapmaking method.

Cold process soap is made by combining oils and sodium hydroxide also known as lye.

Which results in a reaction called saponification. Once the soap is made a curing period of 4-6 weeks is necessary for the soap to be ready to use.

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