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The African Way

At Ujamaa By Anta we formulate skincare, always thinking of the black diaspora first. We believe you deserve to treat your skin with love and kindness using African ingredients that will nourish it. 

We like to think of ourselves as an african twist to modern skincare. That’s why Our slogan is skincare the African way. 

The African touch does not only stop at the ingredients for us it extends to the very essence of our brand. We want to make your skincare routine more fun and enjoyable even if it represents a small percentage of your day. 

That’s why all the way from the ingredients to the packaging and soap bars you will feel taught of  and represented in every way.


Ujamaa is a swahili term that means to build and maintain our own store, shop and other businesses and to profit from it together.

Ujamaa By Anta uses ingredients that are fair traded, USDA certified organic and sustainable. 

For that reason, when you buy from us you can rest assured that the individuals that extracted the resources were fairly treated and paid, the ingredients were grown organically without harming nature or compromising future needs.

We have a full transparency policy. If you have more questions on the process of how our products are extracted, made or would like to see documentation please shoot us an email at support@ujamaabyanta.com It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions! 

You will be using the same raw ingredients that your ancestors used thousands of years ago to protect and nourish their skin. 

Natural African ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter coming straight out of the motherland. That is just to name a few.

It is time that you treat your skin with kindness and love and give it the ultimate african experience it deserves with ingredients made for it. 


Meet Our Founder & CEO

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I always like to think that skincare found me rather than I found skincare. Because it really did. I discovered my love for skincare at a very low point in my life. Here I was 21 year olds drop out of University after my very first semester ( for anybody with African parents you can imagine my fear of that conversation!)  

with a part time job working in a jewelry store at the Montréal airport I had absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do with myself. As if that was not enough my skin was starting to act up! I’ve always been that girl who never had any pimples always had flawless skin. 

I mean people used to ask me for my skincare routine! I never even really taught about a skincare routine because I never needed one. My biggest skin problem was having ashy skin if I did not apply lotion but that’s just a universal problem black people have. 

But now my skin was extremely dry no matter how much store bought lotion or body butter I was putting on. Trust me I tried them all. My face was breaking out very badly leaving me with permanent scars. 

That’s when I started paying more attention to what I was putting on my skin, the ingredients, how they affected my skin, my overall health and the long term consequences of those ingredients on my skin. 

I learned how the skincare decision I make now in my early 20s will dictate how my skin will look and feel in my 40s. I realized that it was not because my skin looked flawless that it was necessarily healthy and getting all the nutrients it needed.

Our skin is the very first thing that people see, it’s our handshake to the world.I know first hand how having troubled skin can take a toll on your confidence. 

That’s why we are on a mission at Ujamaa By Anta to not only give people beautiful skin but healthy and radiant skin as well. After numerous hours of googling ingredients I decided to go completely natural with my skincare routine. 

Being West African there is always some shea butter laying around the house somewhere so I started from there.  Along the way I discovered and added more African ingredients to my formulations and before you know it I was addicted.

I wanted to learn how to properly formulate effective and safe products so I enrolled in the award winning #1 school for organic skincare formulations Formula Botanica and completed multiple diplomas. 

In the meantime I became a flight attendant and a whole pandemic happened. The pandemic was very eye opening to me. I saw it as my cue in life to go after my purpose and what I love to do.

Ujamaa By Anta has been in my head for years. It took a long time to get it to where it is today. I mixed the two things I love the most: my african heritage and skincare.

I wanted to create a brand that was fun and will capture the beautiful culture and the amazing nourishing skincare ingredients the African continent has to offer. 

A brand that no matter where you come from in the black diaspora you will feel welcome and seen.

We believe in using simple effective ingredients in our formulations to nourish your skin. We also believe in creating fun designs and pushing boundaries.

We are on a mission to serve the black diaspora with africanized skincare for healthy and radiant skin.


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Anta Djibo

Founder & CEO of  Ujamaa By Anta


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