6 Reasons to Switch from Body Wash to Soap Bars
Ujamaa By Anta Founder & CEO Anta Djibo

Written by Anta Djibo

Nov 19, 2021

November 19, 2021

Is a Bar of Soap or Body Wash Better?

If you go to stores nowadays in the soap aisle you will find more body washes than actual soap bars.

Generally the reason people don’t like soap bars is because they think that they’re not hygienic and the majority of the cleansers that are advertised on television or carried in stores are bottle soaps.

6 Reasons to Use Soap Bars

1- Applying the Natural Properties of the Ingredients on Your Skin

I know a lot of people had bad experiences with mainstream soap bars. It can be drying on your skin because those bars of soaps are more like detergent than anything else.

Ujamaa By Anta Café-Cacao Handmade African Soap
Ujamaa By Anta Café-Cacao Soap

Your skin will not feel that way if you use green bars of soap. These types of soap use plant oils, butters and essential oils Such as olive oil, almond oil, lemon essential oil etc. The combinations are endless. 

 At Ujamaa By Anta  we like to” Africanize” our  products. We formulate with amazing natural ancient African Botanicals like shea butter, Coconut oil cocoa butter etc.

When making natural soap a percentage of these oils and butter remain in the soap at their pure state. When using these soap bars you are applying all the natural properties that these oils carry on your skin. 

If you go in your shower right now and look at the ingredient list on your shower gel I am ready to put my hand on fire that the first ingredient that is going to be listed is Aqua (water). 

Ingredients on cosmetic labels are listed in order of weight from biggest to smallest. Which basically means that you’re paying for  a product that contains more water than anything to wash yourself.

2- No Need for Preservatives in Natural Soap

Preservative can be a little bit controversial if you are someone who avoids using them as much as possible in your daily life.

Natural soap bars  are a great option for you because they do not contain any water when the soap is ready to use.

Using preservatives is not  a bad thing in itself, it’s actually essential to safely preserve products that contain water in skincare.

Of course it all depends on which  preservatives are used. There are some perfectly safe

naturally-derived preservatives that are used in skincare which we use at Ujamaa By Anta.   When buying shower gel or body wash a little more research should be done on

your side to see  which  preservatives and ingredients are used and if they are safe. 

3- It is Eco-Friendly and you Are Creating Less Waste when Using Green Soap.

 handmade soap is very eco-friendly because the ingredients are natural, biodegradable and won’t harm the planet once they go down your drain. Certain ingredients in mainstream shower gel are harmful for the planet

such as microbeads for example that can take years to disintegrate. 

4-  Germs and Bacteria do not Accumulate on Soap Bars

I know  people are going to come after me and say it is not hygienic if multiple people use the same bar!

Especially in the time that we live in (covid-19).

 Nobody wants to rub their sponges on a  soap bar that has been rubbed on by their brother

after his soccer practice because he ran out of his own soap, now I have to give it up to you. It’s true that it is better to minimize the number of people that use the same soap bar

and it is recommended to rinse the bar of soap before using it. There is a misconception that multiple people using the same soap bar are more at risk to transfer germs.

Studies have shown that there is no higher risk for bacterial contamination if multiple people use the same soap.

5-  The Natural Glycerin in Artisan Soap is a Great Property for Your Skin

handmade crafted soap naturally contains glycerin once the soap is ready to use.

Glycerin is a humectant (attract and retain moisture) trust me when I tell you that your skin will thank you for it and will feel the difference even if you don’t right away.

Liquid soap or even commercial soap bars often are drying because they do not have

glycerin that is so important for the health of your skin. 

6- Use a Soap Bar to Travel 

As a former flight attendant let me tell you that having a soap bar in my suitcase was wonderful.

It won’t take up much space in your carry on and you won’t have to worry that the bottle opened and spilled all over your clothes. Best of all, no problem at security.

Entering  different countries myself  on a weekly basis with different regulations

on aerosols and liquids was very hard to keep up with having a bar of soap made my travels much easier. 


Of course you might have to shop around to find a soap bar that suits your skin. Every soapmaker uses different ingredients but overall green soap bars are better and healthier for your skin compared to mainstream soap. 

 making the switch from liquid soap to handmade soap will really be a step up your skincare routine.

 it is nourishing for your skin, preservative free, eco-friendly, safe to use and easy to travel with.

Comment below and let us know what you personally prefer and your experiences with soap bars.

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